2012 Rev3 Knoxville Half

I was excited to add a new race for me last year in REV3 Knoxville Half.  It was a bit of a trek from San Francisco to get there, but it was a cool college town and a fun venue.  It was also good to meet up with many of my team REV3 teammates and be able to race in our brand new kits!

All quiet before the storm! (Eric Wynn Photography)

Swimming in the river under the bridges was very cool.  It reminded me of the Vineman half course, although luckily this water was much deeper.

Go, Go Go! (Eric Wynn Photography)

Rev3 Knoville Half Rolling Bike Course

As you can see below, my avg pace on bike was pretty good even with the rolling hills.  I should have brought along my compact crank though, so definitely consider that if you race there.  It was humid out there, but that didn’t really come into play on the bike.  It is a beautiful bike course through the countryside that should be on everyone’s race list.  In 2014 this race will be the REV3 Age Group Championship, which will be a fun and challenging day for sure!

Click through for Strava ride detail

Definitely a challenging and hilly bike course!

Rocking new Team Rev3 Kit in Style!

Wishing I was running faster!

I felt great those first four miles even with the climbs, as we ran along the river.  That hill somewhere on mile 5 crushed my spirit a bit and I needed to pull back my pace to survive 🙂  At mile 11 I was able to start my charge thanks to a double caffeine Powerbar gel.  I passed over 30 people those last three miles even finishing that last mile with an 8:20.  It was definitely a challenging early season race that was a blast to race in!

Running those back to back hills on mile 3 & 4 crushed me!




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