2012 Diablo Challenge

After Vegas 70.3 Champs, I’ve been easing into my off season by mainly biking and enjoying TRX sessions twice a week.  I think it’s healthy to step away from structured training and work on weaknesses in the off season.  I’ve been loving TRX and am now signed up for twice a week through the end of the year.

Until my recent move to the San Francisco Peninsula, I lived just a few miles from Mt Diablo in the East Bay.  My riding buddies would join me at least once a month for the climb and it was always fun to push each other.  This was the first year that the Diablo Challenge didn’t conflict with my family camping trip, so I was excited to join my buddies in suffering up the 11mi with 3,300 ft of climbing fun.

Mt. Diablo from a distance

Good times with Markus and Ed!

It was a brisk morning where you needed arm warmers for at least the start.  My plan was to go get a PR and work hard, especially on the second half of the climb.  I was in the second wave that started 5min after the guys aiming to finish in under an hour.  I will capture that distinction next year and earn my yellow under and hr shirt!

I started off strong, but knew I didn’t quite have the pop I needed to go sub 60min.  I made sure to keep my HR elevated and worked hard.  My old neighbor Markus was always lurking right behind me, as he was having his best climbing day ever.

I had finished off a bottle of Powerbar Perform pre-race and had one full bottle for the race.  I also did use a Double Latte energy gel at the half way point for that extra energy I needed!

Suffering, but at least looking good in my Betty Designs kit!

I was definitely in the pain cave on the second half and was actually suffering in my granny gear on a couple of occasions.   I fought through and turned one last hairpin turn before the last 1/2mi suffer fest to the finish.  That is when I saw Markus and I started to hammer to make sure to gap him.  Later he said he saw the move and countered to make sure I didn’t get too far away.  Even though he was having a  great day, he was on the line and unsure of what would happen in he tried to pass me…or so he said 🙂

It was a great ride and would highly suggest everyone give it a shot, as it was a great race.  I will be back next year and get that yellow shirt!

Here are two random things I saw out there on the ride:

Trainers before start of a hill tt…these peeps are hardcore!

Are you kidding me?


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