2012 REV3 Maine Triathlon

I had been looking forward to racing in REV3 Maine in Old Orchard Beach all year.  I grew up in the next town over in Scarborough and loved the Old Eastern Trail and of course OOB.  Initially I was aiming to race the Half distance there and try to get my sub 5hr half.  After going 4:57 at Vineman earlier this summer and also qualifying for the IM 70.3 Championship in Vegas on Sept. 9th, I had to downgrade my race to the Olympic distance.  I also trained through this race including hammering a 71mi hard ride around Lake Tahoe earlier in the week (http://app.strava.com/rides/19273242).

I arrived on Friday and stayed with my parents who live nearby Old Orchard Beach all weekend and ate lobster for almost every meal!  On Sat, I met up with some REV3 Teammates for a practice swim and easy ride to test out my Quintana Roo bike rental.

Sexy fast & love that it came with an ISM saddle!

I love that you can rent from REV3 at the race and I was excited to test out Di2, which  fell in love with!  It was fun to ride with teammates  Tim, Jordan, Elaine and Joshua.

Cool pic my mom took near pier!

It was stunning the morning of the race, as the sun was coming up as the half distance peeps started off.

Cool swim start pic!

Morning glow during swim!

I felt good in the water and had a good jump to start off.  I was rocking my Blue Seventy Helix wetsuit and feeling fast in the very salty water.  I pushed throughout the swim feeling strong and came out  in 25:51 for the 0.9mi swim in 9th place in my division and 50th place overall.  the transition was fairly long, as we had to run over the rr tracks and into transition.

Love my speedy Blue Seventy wetsuit!

Love the personal touches from REV3!

The bike was billed as flat and fast, although it turned out to have lots of little rollers and according to my garmin/strava, 759ft of climbing.  I loved my rental bike with Di2 and was excited to let her rip.  Right away my plan to work off of HR wasn’t going to work, as my HR data was jumping all around.  I also felt that my legs were heavy from a recent hard ride in Tahoe.  The course allowed you to be in aero for almost the entire ride.  At the turn around point, I was frustrated to see my avg pace at only 19.2.  I decided to risk it a bit and hammered the whole way back passing quite a few peeps.  I ended up with a 1:12 split avg 20.35, although I had dropped to 15th in my division and 61st overall.

Enjoyed testing out Di2 on my Quintana Roo bike rental!

OLY distance elevation chart via strava/garmin

I absolutely loved running on the Old Eastern Trail!  I felt strong the first mile in 6:30 pace and then settled in to a more reasonable 7:15-7:30 pace the rest of the time.  I had worked really hard on the return leg of the bike and was feeling in during the run.  The great news is that no one passed me on the run and I was picking off people the whole time.  I also picked off four peeps in my division to finish in 11th place for the day.  My run was 46:06 for an avg of 7:31.  

As you can see there was about 300ft of climbing

My PR wasn’t as good as I initially thought, as I finished in 2:30:38 for 11th in my division and 46th overall.  I had to go back to the 2002 Los Angeles Triathlon to see my OLY dist PR that was 2:33:58, so yes I had a 3+min PR.  This was a great race and was very well received my the athletes and the community.  I can’t wait to race the half next year to see how low that PR can go!

A great race and fun day!

The best post race food ever!

This was by far the best post race meal ever!  The tent was right next to the finish line and this alone makes this race a MUST on next years race calendar!

During the weekend, I was able to hang out my my Mom, Dad and Memere and we had a blast at the beach.  Here are a few cool pics we took while exploring the Maine coast.

Great views at Biddeford Pool

I love the Maine coast

Having some fun with my Mom!

Up next for my is the Vegas 70.3 Championship.  This will be my first time racing in the event and I’m excited to test my fitness against the best.  My goals are simple to have fun and crush the swim/bike!


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