Primavera Century Ride 2012

With just two weeks before REV3 Knoxville HalfREV, I wanted to kick up my bike training.  My friend Vince mentioned he was riding in a local century and I jumped on it to get a spot.

As they were sold-out, it took a few days to get my transfer entry.  That process was very entertaining, as I met the seller in downtown Oakland to get transfer paperwork and give him the cash.  For those outside of the Bay Area, downtown Oakland in the daytime isn’t scary at all and is just like any other small city.  I had stopped in loading zone to meet the transfer guy.  As he handed me the transfer doc and I passed cash, a cop pulled up thinking I was buying something other than a century ride registration.  Needless to say, it made for a very entertaining trip.  The cop couldn’t understand why anyone would pay to ride their bike!

Below is the map of the Primavera route as well as the elevation chart from my Garmin via Strava:

Beautiful scenery including the Calaveras Reservoir, Palomares Canyon, Coyote Hills Regional Park, and the Altamont Pass Wind Farm

Primavera Century Elevation Chart from my Garmin/Strava

Vince and I were joined by my neighbor Ed, but only for the 100k.  We started just before 7:30 knowing it was going to be a hot day.  Temps started out at 64′ and maxed out at 91.4′!  Needless to say, we swung into all stops for water to keep hydrated.  The ride starts at James Logan High School and proceeds from Union City south into the Niles district of Fremont.  After some rollers and the quick 19mi rest stop for water, we headed onto Calaveras Road for the first major climb of the ride. It is 3 miles and 1000 feet of climbing to the top of “The Wall”. The Wall is a short section with a 17% grade. The Tour of California has gone both up and down The Wall as the route has varied.  Vince was crushing everyone on that climb in his Argon Tri bike even one week out of his Boston Marathon finish!

Stunning view of Calaveras Reservoir to ease pain of climbing the "wall"!

After leaving sight of the reservoir, we approached the summit and a long, fun downhill, then some very gentle rollers.  This is where Vince settled into his aerobars and hammered!  I tried to hang on for dear life, as I too love these rollers!

Came up Altamont Pass onto North Flynn Road for some climbing fun riding past the wind turbines

This was a fun section finishing up Altamont Pass onto North Flynn.  I train out here regularly and love the climbs!  After coming out of the foothills we settled in for the next hour or so.   We pulled back out wattage and cruised to save up for the last flourish up Dublin Grade into Palomares climb.

Palomares summit, time to have some fun descending!

At roughly the 80mi mark, we turned onto the Dublin Grade and worked our way to the last rest stop.  About half way up the grade is where Vince unleashed and hammered away.  I kept him in sight, but didn’t want to fry my legs before that last 5mi climb up Palomares.  The last rest stop was just at the base of the Palomares climb and I met back up with him there.  I was just finishing up my 30 or so strawberries when Vince took off to chase down the guy in the polka dot jersey saying: “he better be a climber if he’s wearing that kit!”

I felt great on that last climb and my hr stayed in the mid 160’s, which is good for me on that climb.  I was psyched that I never bonked despite the 90′ heat and loved every minute of the ride…up to 100mi that is.   Mile 100 came and went and so did 101 and 102…finally I finished at 103.4!

It was a great ride and I would highly suggest this ride to anyone.  The stops were well stocked and the volunteers were great!  Big thanks to Vince for riding with me and helping me push throughout the day.  It’s hard not to learn from a sub-10hr Ironman stud!

Here’s my Strava link to full ride data:

I love when Strava marks my ride "epic"!

Love my new Cycleops powermeter data!

Time to rest up my legs today and then lay on some heavy tempo work the rest of the week.  Rev3 Knoxville HalfREV in less than two weeks, bring it!



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