Learning How to Race

As I’m just days away from kicking of my race season, I wanted to share my thoughts on racing.  I’ve been competing in triathlons since my first Alcatraz tri back in 1999.  It wasn’t until last year that I learned how to actually race.  Even in the beginning part of last year including Oceanside, I mailed it in on the run and finished in 5:29.  Coach knew right away that I mailed it in with my 1:58 (9:01 split) and that was confirmed with my high energy levels after the race.  It wasn’t until I signed up for a local 10k run that I realized how much faster I could actually run.  There I finished in 44min for a 7:07 avg.  I raced in five 70.3/halves last year and finally felt a real breakthrough at Portland Rev3 on a flat course.  Felt strong on swim (32:27), just ok on the bike(2:42) and then GREAT on the run(1:45/8:04 pace).  I even left several minutes on the run in those last three miles as I knew I would crush my pr.  I ended up with a 5:08 for a 70.3/half PR.  After that race, I popped a 5:19 at Vineman 70.3 the next week and then a 5:14 at the Big Kahuna Half to end the season.

This year is the year to actually race all three disciplines.  I feel good with my swim and realize I’ve never left it all out there.  My bike shape is better than ever and my confidence is high.  The wild card here is my run.  I need to find out my target pace for the 70.3/half distance and what am I capable of.  I just nailed my last tempo run last week with 7:20 mi for 7mi and felt great.  Given all of this, I’m excited to let it rip in Oceanside on Saturday.  Sub 5hrs would have gotten me in to 55th place in my age group last year.  Vegas spots are never available for roll down this early in the season, so I will wait for Kansas or Vineman to capture that goal.  When I toe the line on Saturday, my only goal is to leave it all out there and feel the burn on the run.  I’ve been studying splits all week and know the course well, yet it will all be about feel and I’m excited to see what happens.  I know lots of peeps racing and hope to see them out on the course, especially the run to push me even more!  Good luck to everyone!!!

I’m also psyched to see that they flip flopped the wave starts this yr, so I start in wave 5 instead of last years 22nd.  Good luck to everyone racing including Doug (aka @Destroyer140_6), Vince (aka @felog) and Bastian (aka @bas2205)


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