PRSfit Triathlon Camp 2012

I’ve been working with Jeff from PRSfit for the past two years and he’s help guide me from a 6:01 half Ironman/70.3 to last years 5:08.  We have big goals this year and have been fine tuning our race strategy.  In trying to uncover additional minutes, the discussion led to trying to better understand my swim, bike and run basics.  I grew up running and swimming, but haven’t “checked in” on my form since high school!  It was time to step up and Jeff was just coming off a January running camp in Colorado that was very well received by team members.  I first reached out to my buddy and PRS teammate Brian to see if he was interested in joining me.  We’d raced together last year at Honu 70.3 in Hawaii and are well suited to train together.

So here we were last week, as I flew into Denver last Wednesday and drove up to Estes Park with Brian.  We were excited to “train like a pro” for a three days!  It was the most satisfying and inspiring training I’ve ever taken part in.  I learned more about my swim stroke, run gait, hill running skills, weight training, core strengthening and cycling skills then I ever could have imagined!  If you’re anywhere as passionate as I am towards your sport, invest in YOURSELF and seek advice and mentors!  I’ve been lucky to work with someone as passionate about triathlon and invests himself as much as I do in my training and racing.  Jeff is a consummate professional who truly loves his job as coach and mentor.   I would highly recommend a training camp to anyone looking to learn more about yourself and to breakthrough new barriers!  I’m sure to be back next year to Jeff’s five star camp.

Day #1:

  • 4,000yds in pool
  • Gait analysis
  • 70min run in snow working on new form including hill intervals
  • Weight workout
  • Core/strength workout

Tri Camp Day #1: 4,000yd swim with Brian and Brandon

Tri Camp Day #1: Gait analysis...I needed some help!

Tri Camp Day #1: Workout #2 70min run in snow with hill intervals

Tri Camp Day #1: Running in snow with Coach

Tri Camp Day#1: Running in snow with Brian

Tri Camp Day #1: Trainer workout with nasty intervals

Day #2:

  • 4,500yds in pool…ouch!
  • Rode the very windy Boulder Peak Triathlon Course (28mi with 1,700 ft of climbing)
  • Short 2mi run off the bike at Boulder Reservoir

Boulder Peak Olympic Distance Triathlon Bike Course

Tri Camp Day #2: Workout #2 - 28mi Boulder Peak Tri bike course

Tri Camp Day #2: I left warm Cali for this?!

Tri Camp Day #2: About to descend after massive climb

Tri Camp Day #2: Battling the wind on Boulder Peak Tri Bike Course

Tri Camp Day #2: Brick run after bike

Day #3:

  • 37mi/3,800ft climb from Boulder Reservoir through Lyons and up into Estes Park(8,169 peak!)
  • 4mi run off bike around small reservoir in Estes Park

Boulder Reservoir up to Estes Park

Tri Camp Day #3: Training with Brian & Anthony

Tri Camp Day #3: Team REV3 Brotherhood

Tri Camp Day #3: Brian leading up climb early on

Tri Camp Day #3: Marking each other on the climb

Tri Camp Day #3: Won KOM & about to enjoy descent into Estes park

Tri Camp Day #3: All together again for 4mi run off the bike

Tri Camp Day #3: Enjoying the stunning scenery

Tri Camp Day #3: Time to bid adieu, see ya next year!

I’m psyched to put all I learned into action in training for the next five weeks leading up to Oceanside 70.3!




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