New Bike Upgrades for 2012!

Last year was a great year for me in pushing my limits.  My Kestrel helped me pushed those limits, so this year I’ve made two additional bike upgrades to help me break that 5hr half/70.3 barrier.  The first upgrade arrived this week and is being installed while I’m away at training camp this week!  My Kestrel originally came with big boy SRAM RED 55 crankset.  I loved the power I could push, but the hills at Oceanside and Hawaii 70.3 showed me that I just needed more gears.  That and how I’ve been loving my road bikes compact crank led me to upgrade my Kestrel to the SRAM RED Compact (50/34):

SRAM Red Compact Crankset

I’m excited to see test out my upgrade in next months Oceanside race, as those three big hills on second half really wake you up!

The second upgrade that is being shipped right now is my new Cycleops Training wheelset with PowerTap G3!  I’ve never trained with power, so I’m excited to push my limits this year with my new toy!

Alloy Training Wheelsets

Well, I’m off to jump on a plane to cold Colorado for a training camp with my coach and buddy Brian!  Be sure to check out next weeks post with details of that adventure!




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