Lake Tahoe Ride

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed the time off.  I was up in Tahoe the week between Christmas and New Year with family.  It’s been a very mild winter so far here in Northern Cali, so I brought my bike just in case I could escape for a ride.  It helped that my sis was there and both sets of grandparents to keep the kiddos entertained.  I’ve ridden the lake a half dozen times over the past few years and I was interested to see where my fitness was.  My PR from this past summer in my peak training zone was 3hrs and 59min.

Garmin map data

My dad was in town and likes to play photog, so I saw him at the Emerald Bay climb snapping away!

Working the Climb!

Enjoying the downhill after the climb!

Enjoying the view!

Lake Tahoe climbs will keep you honest!

I was psyched to see 3:56 at the finish and averaged 18.2mph for the whole ride for a new PR.  I never felt pushed and it felt almost “easy”!

Great Strava/Garmin data

The HR data is what I was most psyched about, as I averaged a full 5bpm lower than my previous best and still PR’d!  Coach was also thrilled with this aspect of the ride!

Psyched I dropped avg hr by 5bpm and still pr'd!

I also tried out my new Drift HD bikecam, but had some technical challenges in angle and also ability to buy a micro sd card in Tahoe.  Next time I will have mastered my new toy! Here’s to a healthy 2012 with many Pr’s!



3 responses to “Lake Tahoe Ride

  • Pamela McGowan (@pachladis)

    That’s a nice ride and definitely beats my crappy trainer ride over the break! way to go!

  • Alisa

    Awesome, just awesome! I used to go to Tahoe as a kid all the time (I grew up in Sacramento). Riding around the lake would be incredible. I’ve always wanted to do that relay swim across the lake =)–interested?

    At some point I’m going to need to pick your brain for rides in the bay area. I’ll be down in the bay for my husbands 100k race and I’ll need to get in a ride while he is running the day away. All I ask is that you be gentle with ride suggestions, I’m ready to work but not ready to climb diablo :).

    • mhutto

      Tahoe is a blast to bike around and more consistent climbing that too steep. Make sure to ping me before you come down and we can connect. Btw – I’m seriously considering the trans tahoe this year, BUT keep in mind its NON-wetsuit and the water is in the 50’s!

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