Thank You Coach!

As athletes, we’re inundated with ads and messaging of the next great tool for your training and/or breakthroughs.  I personally view myself as an alpha consumer, always looking to test out new exciting products and services.  Three years ago I had all the toys I needed to make the jump from being a weekend warrior racing in only Olympic distance tris to half/70.3 distance races.  That move involved a dramatic increase in training to even be able to finish!  I attacked my training with purpose and passion.  Three weeks prior to my first half/70.3 race, I strained my calf by pushing too hard in training.  It was then that I realized I needed training guidance before I really hurt myself.  All of those tools I mentioned earlier couldn’t help me here!  My primary goal was to have someone keep me injury free and teaching me to become more efficient in my training.

That was three years ago and fast forward to today and I can say I made a great choice in partnering with Jeff Kline from PRSfit.  Not only has he helped me stay injury free the past two years, I’ve also had significant racing breakthroughs.  That first year, I dropped my Vineman 70.3 time from 6:01 to 5:22.  Then this past year, I raced in five half/70.3 races recording my fastest three times ever for this distance (5:08, 5:14 & 5:19).  I can honestly say that he’s pushed me to become faster and more competitive in almost every race.  Coaching is much more than a workout schedule, you need to build a good rapport and create trust.  This year I’m thankful for having found such a great friend and coach!
Thanks Coach!
What are you thankful for  this year?

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