Tri for Real Pleasanton

This race was a last minute add, as I wasn’t ready to head into my off-season quite yet!  It was a local race just 15min from my house and next to my sisters house.   It consisted of a 700yd swim, 16.4 mi bike, and 4mi run.  I was excited to see what kind of “speed” these half/70.3 legs had in them!

I got there early to make sure to get a parking spot and get my same day registration done.  It’s quite funny to arrive at races in my Trakkers kit, as you get many looks.  Little did they know, that I’m not that fast!

Great sunrise before race!

I was in the second wave and excited to “go all out”, as coach suggested.  The swim took place in a  small lake was a balmy 75/76 degrees and I was excited I threw my TYR Torque speed-suit into my bag.  I love this suit and it feels fast and slippery in the water.  With little warning, they called of and I was off.  The course was an easy 2 buoy course and I hit the first one in second place in my wave.  I continued to push as we swam through the earlier wave of 29 and under “kids”, as they called them.  I knew I was sighting well and had a good pace,as there was someone tapping my feet whenever I slowed down a bit.  He wasn’t aggressive, so I didn’t mind the tapping and it actually kept me focused!  I exited the water is what I think was 4th or 5th in 11:15.  

My goal in T1 was to be fast, but socks always slow me down.  The guy in the Felt next to me had a much faster transition than me, but I was still able to get out before him. My T1 time was 1:46 and too slow…next season, I will own the transition!

Need less smiling and more suffering!

The bike was two two 8.2mi loops on a mainly flat course with small rollers.  I was surprised that it took me a while to get my groove on the bike.  That felt guy and one other guy in my ag passed me half way through the 1st lap.  I made a concerned effort to keep them within sight the whole bike.  Near the end of the first lap I was feeling strong and cruising.  I finished my first lap in 22:53 avg 21.5mph.  My goal here was a negative split and so I hammered.  The second lap was slightly more challenging in that there were many more peeps on the course.  They did have one compete lane closed throughout the course, which was great.  I didn’t mind weaving through people and loved the fact that I was passing a ton of people.  About halfway through my second lap, two 40+ FMRC members flew past me.  I made a good effort to stay within range on these two speedsters and that helped me pull close to the original two within my own age group.  I fueled with First Endurance taking in one bottle of grape EFS and on Berry Liquid Shot on the ride.  That Liquidshot is money on my rides and helped me drop over a min from my first lap!  I finished my second lap in 21:47 avg 22.6!  That brought my overall avg up to 22.0mph, which was solid for me!

Bike stats

Coming into T2, I saw those two other guys and marked them right away.  My T1 was fast and I was off for the trail run through the park.

A little off-road action!

Although the overall elevation change wasn’t huge, there were at least six quick sharp uphills out there that hurt!  The course was within the park on dirt trails.  This was perfect for my Avia Avi-Stolz shoes that have become my favorite race shoes on and off-road.  I was assuming there were at least one or two rockstars in my 35-39 ag that had been ahead of me since the swim.  Given that I thought I may have a shot at 3rd or 4th  if I could pass these two directly in front of me.  My first mile was 7:24 and I quickly pulled right behind those two marked guys.  I wasn’t used to such a short run, so I was unsure of where or when to hold back.  I did slow a bit on mile 2 to 7:40, as the guys in front of me were settling in a bit.  Just as we started mile three, two 30-39 peeps flew by me and  I jumped on their heels.  The FMRC club guy was gone and must have been running 6:30’s.  The other guy, who I’ll call “white jersey”,  was reachable.  I used his momentum to pass my two marked men and they tried to jump on my heels.  My HR was moving up to the 180’s and I just tried to survive the last two sharp climbs and run as fast as I could.  I couldn’t catch Mr White Jersey, but held off the other two guys.

Run HR Chart

I finished in 1:29:13 and ended up 6th in my AG (35-39) and 25th overall.  It was fun to talk with the other two guys at the finish, as they had tried everything to hang that last half mile to no avail!  I waited around to see how I did and we were able to find the list.   Didn’t get a podium spot, but I had a blast and learned how fun these sprint races can be.  I need to add a few of these in to my schedule next year for fun!




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