2012 Schedule Taking Shape

I can’t believe how early you have to plan for these 70.3/half distance races!  And I hear it’s even worse for you full IM’ers out there!  Regardless, I’m in full planning mode building out my 2012 schedule.  My main perimeters were to race only once a month (gotta keep wifey happy), at least two IM and REV3 events each and always mix it up a bit.  I’ve moved away from Oly distance races to focus time and efforts on my growth at the 70.3/half distance.

  • Ironman 70.3 California Logo     Oceanside IM 70.3 (March 31st, 2012)

I really enjoyed this race last year and love how early in the season it falls.  I will be looking for a cycling camp prior to this to hammer on that aspect of the race.  My training will begin in November and I will be ready to PR the course!

  • logo              Rev3 Knoville Half Rev (May 6th, 2012)

I’ve only heard great things about this race and love supporting Rev3 and their races.  By this time, I should be in full swing mode and ready to battle.

  •     Amgen Tour of California (Mid May 2012)

I really enjoyed pre-riding one of last years stages with the Breakaway from Cancer cycling team.  I’m looking forward to riding in at least two stages in 2012 and maybe even three if I think I can hang!

  • Ironman 70.3 Kansas Logo      Kansas IM 70.3 (June 10th, 2012)

This one was a tough one to nail down.  I really wanted a June IM race to attempt to qualify for Vegas 70.3 champs (one can hope!).  I’ve already raced in Boise and in Hawaii and I really like the idea of trying out new races.  Hawaii was a blast, but expensive and I hope to be there again someday.

  • July is up in the air due to my 10yr wedding anniversary honeymoon.  Until those dates are figured out, I can’t commit.  These are my options I’m looking at though:
  1. Rev3 Portland (July 8th, 2012) – This one will be taking place in downtown next year with a very challenging bike!
  2. Lake Stevens, WA IM 70.3 (July 15th, 2012) – This would be new for me and sounds fun!
  3. Vineman IM 70.3 (July 15th, 2012) – Local race for me and I love the rolling hills Bike and Run course!
All three are great options and two of them would be on new courses for me!  Hoping to nail down dates here in the next month to be able to finalize the rest of my schedule.
  • logo           Rev3 Old Orchard Beach, ME HalfRev (Auguts 26th, 2012)

I’m very excited about this new Rev3 event up in Maine, as I grew up running on that course!  It took a Half/70.3 event for me to go back after all of these years.  The course will be fast and I can’t wait!

Hoping to continue to build into 2012 and attack my races.  Looking at five half/70.3 races tied together with some cycling events and 10k runs.  As always, I will be entering the IM Kona lottery and who knows, maybe 2012 is my year!




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