Pleasanton Father’s Day 10k

After my Hawaii 70.3 race, I needed to get my running mojo back asap!  Regardless of the conditions there, I was too conservative on the run and can do much better.  I was looking at my schedule last week and saw that there was a local 10k race on Father’s Day.  Knowing that I would have a free pass, I brought it up with Coach Jeff.  He really liked the idea of racing hard and seeing what I could do.  The idea was to have a hard week of training and then try to leave it all on the road race day.

The original race day plan was to run some 7:30-45’s and then go all out the last 3mi.  I was feeling great race morning and was excited to run in my new Avia Avi-Stoltz sneaks.  I’ve been loving how they feel and I’m thinking of using them as my race shoe.  I was up early before my girls got up and just had a 10min drive to the start.  About an hour before the race I downed a bottle of First Endurance EFS drink.

Heading to finish line!

Suddenly we were at the start line ready to go.  The course had been advertised as flat and fast over a mix of roads and trails.  The first mile was fast as everyone went out quickly.  I settled into a good pace and clocked a 6:52 that first mile.  That was faster than planned, but I was feeling good!  The second mile was the same clocking a 7:00 and that’s when I started with my First Endurance Berry Liquidshot.  I absolutely love my liquidshots and they are THE perfect race nutrition for any 10k.  My HR at this point was in the high 170’s, but my breathing was good and legs felt fast.  Mile three was a blur at 7:12 and I was cruising as we ventured onto the trails.  Mile 4 was entertaining for me as I saw that my speed was dropping and was even passed by three peeps on the narrow trail.  I manned up at this point and downed my remaining liquidshot as I grabbed some quick water at the aid station.  I then made it my mission to follow/pass those three peeps.   I ended up finishing mile 4 at my slowest split of 7:18, but I was pissed and ready to leave it all out there!  I was feeling really strong on mile 5 with a 7:13 and then was passing quite a few peeps on mile 6 with a 7:05!  My HR was above 180 for miles 5 & 6, but I felt in control and fast.  That last 0.2 was really fast, as I was avg 6:28 pace as we turned the corner to the finish line!  My Garmin showed 44:18(7:05 avg pace) and I was psyched with that finish!

Added bonus was that I finished 5th in my age group (30-39) and 36th overall out of just under 400 runners!!!

Garmin 310xt run splits

Garmin 310xt HR detail

That was a fun PR and it felt GREAT to push the pace.  I had been stuck in a race rut on the run at both Oceanside and Hawaii 70.3’s.  I wasn’t racing on the run leg and was just mailing it in as they say.  It was exciting to find that rush again and I can’t wait to let ‘er rip at Portland REV3 on July 10th.  The week after that I have Vineman 70.3 again.  I set my half/70.3 PR there last year at 5:22 and it’s my home course.  The bike is perfect for me and I’m looking forward to bringing my newfound run speed to both races!

Back to race day, my girlies were all there to cheer me on for Father’s day and my oldest was also racing in the kids challenge.  It was just a block run, but Eden was excited to run like Daddy!

Eden hanging out with Daddy before her kids race!

Ready to race!

Cheers until next time!

– Michael


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