Oceanside Photo Session

When I was down to race Oceanside 70.3, I met up Rich Cruse who took some pics.  He’s a pro sports photographer and we had a blast with these pics.  I would highly recommend a quick photo session with a photographer if you ever get a chance.  Up until these photos, I’ve mostly depended on race photos and we all know how bad those can sometimes turn out!  Here are some of my favorites!

Great shot! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

Sexy Bike! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

California Dreaming!

Beach Living! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

Good thing I had dry shoes for the race! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

This was fun!

@2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

Very cool shot! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

Chillin Cali style! @2011 Rich Cruse | richcruse.com

Cheers – Michael


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