Diablo Century Ride Preview

I picked up my bike yesterday from the local shop that works with Tri Bike Transport and I can’t wait to ride this weekend!  My weekends are usually set aside for family time and a Sunday morning or evening run.  This works for me, as most of my heavy training is done mid-week.  I do miss weekend rides with friends or even the local Forward Motion rides.  This weekend is different, as there is a local 100mi ride on Sunday!  My parents are in town for the week, so they can help with my kiddos.  My neighbor, Ed is joining me for the ride and it sounds like a blast. I was just checking out the details and wanted to pass along.





For those not familiar with the San Francisco Bay Area, here is a good map detailing out the ride.  I live in the East Bay about an hour drive into San Francisco.  This century ride starts in Walnut Creek and we cruise through the East Bay and into the Berkeley Hills area and back home.









The elevation doesn’t look to bad considering it could have been much worse if they added the full  Diablo summit and/or Mt. Hamilton!  That descent on my new Kestrel should be a blast!!!

Cheers, Michael!


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