Oceanside, here I come!

I only have 10 days before my first race of the year.  This will be the first time I start with a 70.3!  Most years I start with a sprint race or even the Wildflower olympic race.  Oceanside is also a full month before I’ve ever raced.  I’ve had a great training year so far, although work has been crazy the past three weeks and has hampered my hours.  My PR going into this year at the 70.3 distance was last years 5:22 at Vineman 70.3.  I’m excited to see if I can go after that number here in my early season racing given my training success especially in biking and running.  The great news is that this is just a “B” race for me in preparation for Hawaii 70.3 and I’m just looking to have fun and see what I can churn out.  This will be my first race on my new Kestrel 4000 and I’ve been averaging an extra 10-12 watts since she arrived and I had my Retul fit!

I cannot thank Team Trakkers/REV3 enough for the great team members and sponsors.  My Avia sneaks have been awesome and my new Kestrel bike is like a stealth fighter jet.  She’s WAY too fast for me, but I’m going to bring it race day!  The biggest surprise and help so far in my training, has been using my First Endurance Optygen HP and my Recovery Pump.

I’ve used First Endurance almost exclusively the past couple of years with their MultiV, EFS Drink and EFS Liquidshot.  This year I’ve broadened my reach to include their Optygen HP.  Here is a brief description:


Next-Generation Optygen Formula

  • First Endurance continues to lead the endurance nutrition category by introducing OPTYGENHP, the next-generation of Optygen. This revolutionary formula is the result of human clinical trials and the latest scientific research on increasing endurance and performance. New features include Beta-Alanine as well the most potent Rhodiola available. The two main adaptogens in OPTYGENHP were first used by Tibetan Sherpas to help them climb Mt. Everest. Optygen and OPTYGENHP utilize these two unique adaptogens because clinical research on elite endurance athletes has shown them to:
  • Increase oxygen utilization (1)
  • Increase the body’s ability to adapt to high levels of physical stress (1)
  • Increase aerobic threshold and reduce lactic acid (2)


  • Each serving of OPTYGENHP provides 1,000mg Beta-Alanine per serving. Beta-Alanine is supported by wealth of cutting-edge human clinical research showing it increases muscular endurance, boosts strength, improves exercise capacity (so you can exercise longer) and delays muscular fatique (3). The mechanism behind Beta-Alanine works synergistically with the adaptogens, chelated chromium and ATPro in OPTYGENHP, to help endurance athletes maximize performance.


  • Additionally, First Endurance has sourced the most potent Rhodiola available. The new OPTYGENHP formula contains 10% rosavin. Clinical studies on elite endurance athletes have shown that it is the rosavins in Rhodiola that play a critical role in allowing the body to adapt to high levels of physical stress.

I’ve been taking the pills for the past month and a half.  You can just feel once OptygenHP working, through the quality/consistency of your workouts, the output and especially your recovery!  It’s well worth trying out for yourself!

The other surprise as mentioned above is my Recovery pump.  I’ve been training and racing triathlons for almost twelve years.  Over the past two years that I jumped up to the 70.3 distance and now feel that I’m more than just a weekend warrior.  We’ve all seen the pro’s with these toys in the past, but could they really help just an everyday age grouper?!  I was privileged enough to be asked to join Team Trakkers/REV3 this year and Recovery Pump signed on as a sponsor.  The great news with sponsors is that you actually get to use and try their goods/services!  As the Recovery Pump is FDA approved, you need a prescription and that led to a great quote from my doc.  He’s known that I’ve been very active in triathlon training and racing the past few years due to checkups, etc.  When I went in to get my prescription, he paused and said: “I didn’t realize you were racing at that level”…to which I replied, “I didn’t either!”

Needless to say, I wasn’t sure if this could help little old me and my 10-12hrs a week of training.  My opinion changed that first day when the UPS guy delivered my Recovery Pump.  I was amazed how great it felt to relax on the couch while the Recovery Pump massaged my legs.  In previous years a hard workout would stay with me for days, but not anymore.  I have seen the light and I’m amazed at how much I now depend on my Recovery Pump.  I highly suggest trying one out at your next race expo if they’re there and check out their site!

Here’s  a great quote!

Changing gears a bit, the three unknowns going into next week are around gear for the race.  My new TYR Hurricane wetsuit from my Trakkers/Rev3 team sponsor is in transit as well as our race gear.  These early season races sneak up quick! I also have a small add-on for my bike that is also in transit and will be a close call if it will be here in time.   Given that I may not be fully rocking my great Trakker/REV3 kit.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to having fun down at Oceanside!

The weather is looking great finally, with sun and dry conditions predicted!

Partly Cloudy65°/47°

I’ve been researching the course by pouring through as many race reports and pro tips as I can find.

Based on everything I’ve been reading, the water temp should be around that 60′ mark.  That temp reminds me of last years Boise 70.3 where the water was a balmy 59′!  Below is the swim wave table and unlike my great wave at Vineman 70.3 last year, I’m looking at the second to last wave…That tied together with a pancake flat first 30mi on the bike could set up quite an obstacle course out on the roads weaving around everyone.

The biggest test of the bike is not the distance or nutrition, but rather your pacing skills. Because the first 30 miles are almost pancake-flat, you will be tempted to rip up the roads! Be careful, you must save something for the back 26 miles, which will be rolling hills, with three challenging climbs. You may feel fine at 30 miles, but when you see the first large, corkscrew looking climb, you will be questioning how you’re going to feel when you’re cresting its peak.

Here’s a website link with the bike course entirely mapped out, from satellite viewpoint: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=39914

You will be hard pressed to find a run course as flat as Oceanside. The course is almost pancake-flat for the first 2 miles of each 6 mile loop, running right along the sandy beaches. From there, it is rolling for the next two miles, but no dramatic changes in elevation.  You run out 3+ miles, and back 3+ miles, on each loop.
I’m continuing to read every race report on this race from the last few years, so any extra advice would be much appreciated!

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