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I’ve been a subscriber to most of the US triathlon mags for seemingly ten years.  In the past two years, I’ve seen a huge improvement in quality of articles, pictures and even ads.  I even subscribe to USA Triathlon’s and Lava’s ipad digital versions, which allows me to steal wifey’s ipad!  My challenge with these mags has always been trying to see if I can apply anything to my own training and racing.  Triathlon training is very personal and we all spend a lot of time training alone.

For the past 4mo or so, I’ve found myself mainly training indoors on gym bike, my garage computrainer and gym treadmill.  This is even with me living in Northern California and having a mild winter.  I find that I can have much more focused training sessions and not worry about everything that comes with training outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I love jumping on my bike for a 4hr ride and love my Sunday evening 7mi runs after kiddos are asleep!  For me this has to do with focus and control more than anything.  Given this trend I’ve been seeing, I was excited to see InsideTriathlon’s article this month titled: “The Endangered Outdoor Ride” by Matt Fitzgerald.  He’s a great writer who is obviously passionate about our sport!

I was amazed that so many top tier traithletes spend a huge amount of time training indoors!

  • “No elite triathlete has taken the indoor cycling trend further than 2010 Ironman Coeur d’Alene and Ironman Cozumel winner Andy Potts.  Until 2009, Potts did all his bike training indoors.  The only time he rode his bike outdoors was when he was racing. “When I get on the bike, it’s very dedicated riding,” Potts says.  “It’s very focused.  Everything is written down to the minute.  When my coach writes my workouts, each minute is accounted for, as opposed to, ‘Oh, just ride out to such-and-such place”

It’s a great article that everyone should  read if they get a chance.  It mainly talks about indoor cycling, but I’ve even found myself loving the treadmill for my running workouts.  I find that it’s easier on my body, as I’m not running on roads or sidewalks.  Most importantly, I’m able to closely monitor my speed and HR.  We’ll see if this helps my speed this season, but I’m running faster than ever on treadmill!

On the subject of InsideTriathlon, I received an email from them yesterday asking for me to fill out a survey for them.  I’m usually hesitant to spend too much time unless I have a chance to win something.  They have a sweet prize package, so I went ahead.  They now more about my tri spending habits than even my wife!!!  With most surveys you can read between the lines to see what they are really getting at.  Yes, they are trying to better understand spend and how we interact with their magazine.  The most interesting piece for me was there interest on what other tri sites I spend time on.  They were asking about active, slowtwitch, athlinks and mapmyride others.  I hope its just a matter of time before many of these sites consolidate to make it easier.  They also asked if I was willing to pay for content and how much…this will be a challenge for them I believe.  Of note on this topic is that filed last week to go public.  If they are successful in their IPO, they would have a great currency to acquire many of the sites we all love and visit.  It will be worth keeping a close eye on them in the future!

btw – here’s the survey link if anyone is interested:

Complete our reader survey for a chance to win a trip to Ironman Arizona or Ironman Florida (valued at $1,700) or Ritchey WCS Apex 88mm Tubular Wheelset ($1,699 value)!

Lastly, Team Trakkers is great!  Lots of great sponsors delivering great products!  I now have my sweet new @Aviarunning sneaks and my @recoverypump just arrived!  My new Kestrel is in transit and should arrive anyday.  I’ll be sure to post pics once she’s pimped out!


One response to “Indoor Training..

  • Jeff Irvin

    Saw that article but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Thanks for the recap!

    3 out of my 4 weekly rides are done on the computrainer. The 4th is the long weekend ride with my buddies, but if it is cold or raining i’ll do that one indoors too. I’ve yet to be hit my a car in my gameroom (-:

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