Trakkers-REV3 sponsor momentum

As race season is fast approaching, our Trakkers-REV3 sponsors have been delivering the goods!  It started this week with some swag from the home office with a great new visor!













We also learned this week that the new kits have been put into production.  Trakkers-REV3 and Betty Designs joined forces to craft these great kits!  Even Lava magazine picked up on this great news!

By the end of Feb, I should have my new Kestrel 4000,  Avia Avi-quest and TYR Hurricane wetsuit!!!

On the training front, I’ve been continuing full speed ahead.  Last week was a “recovery” week, but still trained for 7hrs.  This week, I’m on track for 10hrs of hard training.  Oceanside 70.3 is fast approaching and I’m starting to feel my rhythm coming back!  Still need to lean out before April 2nd, but plenty of time and training ahead for that to take place!

My race schedule has firmed up even more this week, as I added The Diablo Century ride and the Alcatraz Challenge Swim.  I’ve never raced the Diablo century, but it takes place in my town and train on those roads all the time.

Diablo Century logo

I’ve swam the Alcatraz course eight times, but this will be my first swim only.  I’m excited to go all out and see where I am with my swimming!  This will be two weeks before Hawaii 70.3!!!

I’m also putting in my last few miles on my sweet Scott Cr1 Tri bike.  She’s been great to me and I hope she finds a great new home!




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