April 2nd…

In past years, I’ve planned my races mainly in May-Sept.  The challenge has always been keeping motivated in the fall/early winter.  Living here in Northern Cali is a huge help for winter training.  I also don’t mind my computrainer sessions and I even like the gym treadmill!  After my Vineman full aquabike in July last year, I switched to cycling mode.  This was a blast and I rode(vs raced) the Marin Century and Tahoe Century.  It was fun to change things up, even though I still don’t get why you’re supposed to stop and rest every 20miles…why?  After that, I ramped up training in October and have been building since Mid-Nov.  My challenge this year has been trying to continue build through the Holidays and my current trip to NYC for work.  I usually train 10-12hrs a week and try to complete 90% of that during the workweek.  Even though I have three girls under seven, this works best for me.  I work from home and have flexibility with my schedule being in a sales role.  This allows me to spend more time with my girlies on the weekends.  Given all that, having an unstructured week causes some friction…   Coach wanted me to have two solid weeks during the Holidays each over 10hrs.  The reality is that was closer to 5-6.  Now I’m in NYC for sales planning meetings and just don’t have much time.  I can’t wait to get my structure back!

All of this is becoming a concern, as I’m racing Oceanside 70.3 on April 2nd!!!!  Time to put my head down and get serious!


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