Team Trakkers for 2011

I’m excited to be able to report that I will part of Team Trakkers for 2011!  It was fun going through the selection process and I’m excited to meet the many great athletes on the team.  The team is still finalizing their sponsors, but have already locked down the Kestrel sponsorship.  This means that I will be getting a new bike for 2011, which I’m excited about.  My Scott USA tt bike has treated me well and I’m sure she’ll  find a great new home.  Now I need to research my options between the Kestrel 4000 Pro SL – Ultegra,  Sram Red or  DI 2…not a bad selection at all!  Here’s  a mock up of the bike in Trakkers green:

It also looks like I may be altering my race schedule this year to race a Rev3 event.  Here is my tentative schedule:

  • April 2nd – Oceanside 70.3
  • June 4th – Hawaii 70.3
  • July 10th – Rev3 Portland (potential)
  • July 17th – Vineman 70.3 (may switch to be part of Portland Rev3)
  • July 30th – Vineman Full Aquabike

Revolution3 Triathlon Race Series

Revolution 3 Portland

It’s going to be a great year and I’m excited to push my limits even more than last year.  My official build start next Monday, so the timing is perfect with the announcement to motivate me even more for 2011!  Here’s to a healthy and feisty New Year!



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