A look ahead to 2011…

I’ve been steadily increasing my training over the past month and my 2011 base build starts next Monday.  This is earlier than in years past, as I will be racing Oceanside on April 2nd.  I have some aggressive goals for my 70.3 races next year.  Last year was very insightful and rewarding.  The huge advantage I have going into 2011 is that I now have the confidence to push myself further than ever.  I feel I haven’t even come close to unleashing my potential at this distance and I’m excited to focus my attention towards that potential!  The main area of confidence build for me last year was my biking.  Finishing the Vineman 70.3 course with all of it’s rolling hills averaging over 20mph was huge for me.  I will now look to recapture some of that speed and endurance, while seeing dramatic improvements in the other two disciplines.

Triathlon training

Photograph: Adam Pretty/Getty


I have a swimming background and have always banked on doing well here.  My swimming results were a little frustrating last year, as I know I can improve here.  Two years ago at Vineman 70.3, in my first half Ironman, I posted a 37 split.   Last year I posted a 36 split in Boise and then a solid 34 split at Vineman 70.3.  I’m looking to bring out a 31-32 split this year to get back my swimming groove.  This will take more dedication than ever in the pool, but I’m confident that I can hit my goals here!

Running is the area where I’m looking for the biggest improvement.  I had a 2:05 split in Boise and a 1:54 on the hilly Vineman 70.3 course.  That’s not gonna cut it this year.  I’m looking at targeting 1:40-1:42 in 2011.  This will take some serious dedication and training for me.  Dropping some additional weight going into 2011 will help me a lot.  I raced last year around 185 and I want to bring that down to under 180 this year.  I’m already well on the way on that front!

If I’m able to hit these goals, I have a very good shot at going under the 5hr barrier.  Last years best time was 5:22 and I’m confident that I left a lot on the course…

My tentative schedule for 2011:

  • April 2nd – Oceanside 70.3
  • June 4th – Hawaii 70.3
  • July 10th – Rev3 Portland – Possibly exchanging out of Vineman 70.3…
  • July 17th – Vineman 70.3
  • July 30th – Vineman Full Aquabike – My favorite!

Cheers to a feisty and healthy New Year!



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