Good Running/Triathlon Books I wanted to share

I wanted to share a few books that I’ve recently read.  I’m an avid reader and tend to focus on story books vs training books.  Each picture has an amazon link if you click into it.


Iron Heart: The True Story of How I Came Back from the Dead


Iron Heart is a great read that will captivate you right away.  I loved following his journey and it shows you there are no limits to what one can achieve!


Born to Run


Born to Run was a fascinating book that highlights storytelling at its best.  It’s a quick read that has a mystical feel to it!


Running on Faith: The Principles, Passion, and Pursuit of a Winning Life


Running on Faith tells of an inspiring journey Jason Lester has been on.  It highlights how his faith affects all aspects of his life.  It helped me better understand my own faith and how to make sure it affects all aspects of my life!


The Long Run


This is my most recent read and shows how one’s determination can change their path in this unpredictable world we live in!




The Dick Hoyt story is a must read.  Most of us have seen the past NBC Ironman segment on them, but the book takes you inside their lives!


In a Single Bound: Losing My Leg, Finding Myself, and Training for Life


Sarah is an inspiration to all and a great ambassador for the Challenged Athletes Foundation(CAF).  Her spirit is contagious, as you read her story!


Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete


A funny read about all of our quirky thoughts and passions of being a triathlete.  Think of: “you know you’re a triathlete if…”




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