New Road Trainer

I’ve been training on racing on my Scott tribike for the past couple of years.  I’ve alternated an extra set of wheels, but always trained on my race bike.  I just liked the feel of the bike and knew exactly how she would react to my every move.  I’ve dramatically increased my biking training in the past year and I felt it was time to step it up with a road bike.  I wanted to keep it in the family as they say, and stay with Scott.  I’ve been researching the models and pricing out some different options.

Today I stepped up and bought a Scott 2010 CR1 Pro model!  My new ISM saddle is on the way and my bike fitting is next week.

Scott CR1 Pro

The timing is perfect, as I am a month out from Vineman 70.3 and 6 wks away from Vineman full aquabike.  I will be able to beak her in over the 4th of July week up in Tahoe.  I plan on biking around the lake one day and its roughly 90-100miles.  It will be a great chance to re-learn how to shift again on the handlebars, as my tri bike has the shifters on the aerobars…

Till next time!


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