Bike overhaul to start the year

Every year prior I had dropped my bike off at the shop to get an off-season tune-up.  I never knew exactly what was included in this, but it seemed to help.  I’ve been riding my Scott CR1 for three years and I felt it was time for a complete fitting and tune up.  Coach Philip at Hypercat here in the Bay Area was a huge help!  He hooked me up with a great fitting a few weeks back including setting up my new ISM saddle.

I was too forward on my bike and losing power on my full rotation.  It was also helpful to see my power output full rotation.  I’ve always been a swimmer, so I never had cycling training to learn the basics.  It was very telling to see my power output on the upswing.  I’ve haven’t been using my power through the whole rotation.  Needless to say, I am excited to see my improvement with this new guidance.

Philip also overhauled my bike this past week, including cabling, new chain, bar tape and new Hawk bb.  My bike looks great and is ready for action.  It was very insightful to learn how to properly maintain my bike!  Here are some pics of my girl:

Scott CR1: Overhaul, Hawk BB, New Jagwire cabling system and Profile RM1

Scott CR1: Overahuled drivetrain

Scott CR1: Signature aero der cable routing. Clean and allows for super smooth shifting and no binding issues along with being as hidden as possible. Also great for traveling


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