January Fitness

As January comes to a close I wanted to report in on my fitness and training. @coachprs has been helping me become more efficient with my training. This was one of the primary reasons for hiring a coach for the first time. I’ve tried the canned training programs and even tried Carmichael Training Systems one year. They all worked ok, but the two areas I wanted to focus on this year were efficiency and staying injury free. Last years calf strain just weeks before my first half ironman was frustrating. I know I ramped up my running to quickly.

Having kids, I am limited to the amount of time I can train. I do have the flexibility in my work/family schedule to allocate 8hrs/wk to training, so I want to get the most bang for my buck! Jeff has been helpful in crafting my training schedule around my busy lifestyle.

My 2010 schedule is nearly filled out right now, although everything will change If I’m lucky enough to win the Ironman Kona lottery! I love the half ironman distance and currently feel that I would only do a full ironman if it was Kona. I biked the course this past summer and would love the opportunity to race with so many great athletes!

My first race is Wildflower Olympic on May 2nd. I’ve raced Wildflower 5 times and I believe with my best time being in 2:50. This is one of my favorite races even though it is so challenging. Then I’m set to race up at the Boise 70.3 on June 12th. This is my first “A” race and I’m excited to try a new course and to let it fly. Last years Vineman was my first half ironman and I loved it. With my strained calf, I tried to crush the first two legs and just survive the run. That is exactly what happened as I exited t2 at 3:30, way ahead of my goals! My early goal for Boise would be 5:15-5:30! Those are the first two that I am focused on and I’m feeling good.

It’s been interesting training for all three disciplines this past fall and here into Jan. I usually find myself exiting the water in the top 30% during races. I have a swimming background and really enjoy being out there. I have never had a focused training program in this area, so I am excited to see my improvement this year! I am already comfortable swimming 2500 yds in less than 44min in the pool and I have been swimming three days a week. I have never even swam before February in my past nine years of tri training…

The bike is coming along, although most work has been on trainer or at the gym due to the California rain madness. I am looking to add a cycling camp in Feb/March to really ramp up my training. I am also convinced that I need to purchase a power meter this year, although I have yet to buy one. I need to continue to research models before jumping in the water.

My run training is going very well and I’m loving training with my Garmin 310xt. This discipline is where I am confident I will see the most improvement this year. Already my 90% run pace looks to have gone from 8min miles down to the 7:20-7:30 pace. As my weight’s been dropping, I have been feeling like a runner again!!!

With three more solid months of training, I will be ready for Wildflower and Boise! Keep up on my training here and at http://www.twitter.com/michaelhutto


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