Cool Triathlon Gear

Here are a few of my old and new favorites that you may be interested in!

These wheel tags are very cool. I saw a few at Vineman this past year and they made the bikes stand out! Now I just have to bike faster! Check them out at

I started using the Gelrilla grip two years ago and I love the ease of use! A must have for races! A great stocking stuffer for any triathlete! Check out

On the Technology side, I stepped up to the Garmin 310xt. It seemed expensive when buying it, but I was blown away by how much this can help my training! The screens are customizable to your needs and it’s hard not to get addicted right away. If you are in the market at all for a hr monitor, check out the 310xt. You won’t be disappointed!

Here is a link to the best review on the 310xt:

Staying on the tech side, I recently bought a pair of jaybird endorphins earbuds and was blown away by their performance. I had seen an ad in usat’s magazine, as they are a usat sponsor. These were the first pair that worked for me while running. Every other pair fell out of my ears and/or were a wire disaster. more expensive than a cheap set, but worth it if you run with music. They are available at

On the clothing front, I picked up a few pairs of Nike Elite Running Lightweight socks this summer.  They are the ultimate race day sock and a must have!  They have a lightweight macro-vented design and are made of dri-fit fabric.  I haven’t had any blisters racing in these socks!  They are addicting, so be careful not to lose any in the dryer!

On the nutrition side, I started using the EFS liquidshot and it’s been great. Especially on the long runs, I have been using them in my Fuel Belt. In just one flask, you get 400 calories, 1,500mg of electrolytes, and 1,000mg amino acids! I love the fact that without a gelling agent, you don’t need to take with water. This helps on those long stretches between water stops!




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