My Life Journey

My blog has historically been focused on my triathlon training and racing.  I love sharing my journey and hope to share my passion with informative race reports.  Last year was my best training and racing year I’ve ever had.  I raced in five 70.3/Half distance races including my first sub 5hr race at Vineman 70.3 that qualified me for the 70.3 World Championship in Vegas.  Racing in that championship will always be one of my fondest triathlon memories.  My wife and two oldest daughters joined me and we had a great weekend together.  All of that momentum and passion continued into the New Year, as I was excited to improve even more.   This is where my post gets more personal, as my life changed forever on Feb 3rd, 2013.

for Robin (1)

That is the day that I lost my lovely wife and mother of my three young girls suddenly and unexpectedly.  As you may be able to imagine, my life was turned upside down.  The couple of months after that was all a blur.  I locked down and focused 100% on my three beautiful girls.  From time to time, I would get in a run to clear my head.  This was mainly to just get out of my house for some personal time.  I did venture to a few races last year including REV3 Williamsburg Oly (2:29) and REV3 Maine Oly (2:44).  That Maine race will also be a fond memory forever, as my ladies were able to finish with me!

maine rev3

The other race that meant a lot to me this year was my Vineman 70.3 race.  I was under trained, but motivated to prove to myself that I could finish strongly.  I just kept my head down and finished in 5:14 with tears flowing.  Needless to say, all three of my races here in 2013 were very emotional for me.  My wife Robin always loved the passion that I had for triathlon and was very supportive.  My REV3 Triathlon Team was extremely supportive through my time of need, as was my PRS Fit Team.

my ladies

Yesterday marked nine months since we lost her.  There have been many peaks and valley’s throughout my new journey, but I can say that my girls are in a good place of hope and faith.  We will never be the same, but she will always be with us and continue to send blessings on us.  After focusing heavily on my ladies during this time, I’m now taking the time to start training back up and focus on racing in 2014.  I need to rediscover my passion for triathlon again.  In 2014 my goal will be to get back to the 70.3 championships again.  To get there, I’ve signed up for St George 70.3, Honu 70.3 and Vineman 70.3.  I’ve even entered the Kona lottery for the 6th time in a row, so maybe I will be able to race my first full Ironman there :)  There will be many more peaks and valley’s in my life journey, but I’m embracing hope and faith like my lovely girls!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read my blog – Michael

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